We've partnered up with the team from Univets Global to provide a fully supported CPD programme to accompany your new role.

The course has been developed for:


New graduate veterinary surgeons

Overseas-qualified veterinary surgeons pursuing their first role in the UK

Veterinary Surgeons returning to clinical work after a period of absence


Benefits to you include:

*You will have access to mentoring à feel supported and more secure in your decisions
*You will have access to the foundations of 1st opinion practice à reliable information that is easy to find for faster consultations and better clinical performance
*You will develop your communication skills à increases comfort and effectiveness in consult room, as well as team relationships, teamwork and leadership

The course will be delivered via:

*Case discussions – practical questions regarding common cases to allow for better decision-making and more effective case management

*Clinical Revisions – common cases seen in 1st opinion practice approached from the perspective of running a consultation

*Imaging rounds – assessment of imaging pictures to improve interpretation skills and reduce chances of missing essential changes

*Workshops – focus on non-clinical skills and personal development, as well as work performance

*Courses – virtual and attendance courses to cover knowledge and competences for clinical practice

For a full programme plan email us at contactus@vettedrecruitment.co.uk
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