We've partnered up with the team from Univets Global to provide fully supported candidates for your Veterinary Surgeon roles. Each candidate will be assessed and presented to you with the programme most suitable for them.


This will cover:

New graduate veterinary surgeons

Overseas-qualified veterinary surgeons pursuing their first role in the UK

Veterinary Surgeons returning to clinical work after a period of absence


Benefits to your practice include:

*You save time and gain a higher performing employee à training is externally provided but with individual and tailored mentoring for the veterinary professional
*Fewer client complaints, more happy clients à your new vet has more support and knowledge to deliver the standard of care each client is expecting
*Increased retention, maintaining team harmony à reducing the shock between new employee and older employees to avoid and effectively manage conflict within the team
*Better financial performance à your new vet is more time-efficient and manages cases more effectively
*All CPD requirements in 1 program à the amount of CPD provided throughout the program exceeds the RCVS annual requirement
*Employee does not need many days off à much of the program is delivered virtually, meaning the employee can continue work at the practice
For a full programme plan and tailored costings email us at contactus@vettedrecruitment.co.uk
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