Veterinary Nurse Job Description
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Posted on 01 January 2023

Here's a breakdown of a typical job description for a veterinary nurse:

Job Summary: The veterinary nurse provides support to the veterinary team in delivering high-quality care to animals in a clinical setting. They assist veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, and other staff members in various aspects of animal care, medical procedures, and administrative tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the veterinary practice or hospital.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Patient Care:

    • Assist with handling, restraint, and examination of animals.

    • Provide nursing care and monitor patients during procedures and treatments.

    • Administer medications, vaccines, and other treatments as directed by veterinary staff.

    • Perform routine laboratory tests, such as bloodwork and urinalysis, and assist with diagnostic procedures.

  2. Surgical Assistance:

    • Prepare surgical equipment, instruments, and supplies for procedures.

    • Assist veterinary surgeons during surgeries, including monitoring anesthesia, maintaining sterile conditions, and providing surgical support.

    • Assist with post-operative care and monitoring of surgical patients.

  3. Client Communication and Education:

    • Interact with clients to obtain patient history, answer questions, and provide information about treatments and procedures.

    • Educate clients on topics such as pet nutrition, preventive care, medication administration, and post-operative care.

    • Schedule appointments, process paperwork, and handle client inquiries.

  4. Hospital Maintenance and Organization:

    • Clean and maintain animal enclosures, examination rooms, surgical suites, and other areas of the hospital.

    • Sterilize and maintain equipment, instruments, and supplies.

    • Assist with inventory management and ordering of medical supplies and medications.

  5. Team Collaboration:

    • Collaborate with veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, and other staff members to provide comprehensive care to patients.

    • Communicate effectively with colleagues to ensure proper coordination of tasks and continuity of care.

    • Contribute to a positive and supportive work environment within the veterinary team.

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