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  • So Simple!

    So Simple!

    ​Debbie was just amazing. I never thought I was going to find a job that fitted my needs so fast. But with Debbie it was not only fast but also the perfect match.She listened to my needs and make sure to answer all my doubts. She made my transition to the UK so simple! I’m really thankful for finding her in the right moment. (Carolina)

  • The Best

    The Best

    ​Deborah is an extraordinary and very knowledgeable professional and also a lovely and very thoughtful person. She helped me find the perfect fit after my internship which surpassed my expectations. She always kept me updated and she was very caring throughout the process making sure I was on board with everything. Deborah is amazing at her job I absolutely recommend her. She is the best in the veterinary recruitment industry - Claudia

  • A Great Team

    A Great Team

    ​ After a careful search for job opportunities in small animal practise in the UK I finally got an excellent offer with conditions that fitted all of my preferences through vetted recruitment. Thank you Debbie Laura and Vania for a very professional service for your sympathy throughout the recruitment process - Miguel

  • Gratitude


    ​I woudl like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for Debbie Loding's incredible support throughout the recruiting process. The patience, kindness and assistance have truly made a difference, and I am incredibly thankful for everything she has done for me - Iulia

  • Helpful


    ​Laura was truly helpful in my search for a Veterinary Surgeon jobs. She gathered every bit of information about me and tried to find the perfect match. So, I believe it is safe to say that she takes people's concerns and needs seriously as they are one of her own.As a newcomer to the UK, finding your first job or switching jobs can be really stressful process but Laura made it very easy for me. I am glad that I had a chance to work with someone professional as Laura when I'm trying to find my next job.

  • Thank You

    Thank You

    ​To whomever is in a hard and complicated situation.. I never thought I would meet people that would see the real me as a person and not just a number in the system. To really understand my situation and to have meaningful, impactful and productive conversations. The moment I was contacted by Debbie, unfortunately, I already have been through quite a lot and I just expected another empty call. She was the most positive thing that happened to me on a professional standpoint at that time. I felt heard and understood. I was not sure what was going on exactly as I thought that everything we were talking about was too good to be true! She immidiately understood what exactly I needed to get started, and she knew where to search for it! I got quite a few good interviews, in which people were looking for people and not just numbers. I felt seen and for the first time I had the possibility to choose the team I want to work with. Only thanks to Debbie! She is still and was always there for me, even when things weren’t going as they should’ve. I felt like we worked as a team on my situation, even though SHE was doing everything… I want to also sincerely thank her again from the bottom of my heart as a person and a future professional! And to you, the person in that hard and complicated situation, Debbie will be there for you! With a little bit of luck on the side, you will find a really nice place to thrive in! From Mihael

  • The Right Support

    The Right Support

    ​I really liked working with Debbie. She gave it her best to find a practice near the area where I was looking for and when that was not a possibility, she did everything in her reach to find one that was going to take me in as new graduate, offering me the right support and with a location to my liking

  • Kind and Supportive

    Kind and Supportive

    ​I met Debbie a few months before graduating. I wanted to move abroad and work as a new grad vet in the UK but I wasn't really sure where or how to start. Debbie was remarkably kind and supportive , she solved all my doubts and guided me through this exciting process. Hence I highly recommend her anyone looking for a new job as I'm sure she will find exactly what you are looking for. I also recommend her to practice owners who want to expand their team as she will match the perfect candidate for each clinic

  • Great Work!

    Great Work!

    ​Thank you for arranging all the interviews and supporting me along the way, you're truly great at what you do

  • Debbie is Amazing

    Debbie is Amazing

    ​Debbie is amazing, she really took my needs into consideration and found me the best possible fit. She knows a lot about the industry and is very easy to talk to and open and honest. I recommend her she is fantastic