BLOG Interview Guide For Hiring Managers – Part 2
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Posted on 17 August 2023

​Part Two of our Interview Guide for Clients covers the interview itself..


It’s not just the interviewee who should ensure they are fully prepared before the interview.

Know Your Candidate

Re-read the CV and ensure you have a good grasp of the candidate’s background and experience

Recruiter/Application Notes

You’ll have information on notice periods and salary expectations which you should ensure you discuss


Ensure the interview venue is clean, comfortable, quiet and free of distractions


Remember, the interview is a two-way process and you will be judged by the interviewee

Building Rapport

Ensuring that a candidate is comfortable will get the most out of them

Be Supportive

Let the candidate know what to expect from the interview

Active Listening

Give the candidate your undivided attention and acknowledge the message. Recognise that what is not said also speaks loudly


It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it

Eye Contact

Look at the speaker directly but don’t stare. Don’t be distracted and look away


Ensure it is open and approachable


Paraphrase periodically to show that you have understood what has been said


Ideally there should be two or more people conducting the interview and one should focus primarily on taking notes

Reduces reliance on memory

We only retain 40% of information after 15 minutes and 15% after 3 days

Enables Discussion

You can identify which parts of the answer are missing and what was answered well

Freedom of Information Act



Ensure you have all relevant RTW documents as fines can be administered to employers who employ those who are not legally entitled to do so


Feedback on the interview is essential. Good feedback will be detailed and constructive

Performance Engagement

Expected behaviours can be set out and any skills gaps identified for future development plans so that you are prepared to support your new hire

A copy of the guide is available in presentation form. Please get in touch at

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