Why do jobseekers use recruitment businesses?
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Posted on 17 August 2023

​With an abundance of opportunities available for vets and nurses, you’d be forgiven for asking why they would need to use a recruitment business over just applying to adverts directly. So we wanted to share some of the reasons the candidates that we will introduce to you have given for using our services:

Access to Hidden Opportunities:One of the significant advantages of engaging a recruitment business is gaining access to a vast network of job opportunities that may not widely advertised, or advertised in places they know. A good recruiter will have expert research skills and will know where to find vacancies that your average job seeker will not.

Expertise and Guidance: Recruitment business are staffed with industry experts who possess valuable knowledge about various job markets. They understand the specific skills and qualifications that employers seek, enabling them to match candidates with suitable positions effectively. These professionals can guide job seekers through every stage of the process, offering valuable advice on resume optimization, interview techniques, and even career development strategies. With their expertise, recruitment businesses can provide valuable insights to enhance chances of success for the jobseeker.

Time and Effort Savings: Job hunting can be a time-consuming process, especially given the demand of the profession. By partnering with a recruitment business, candidates can delegate the time-consuming aspects of job searching to the experts. Recruiters will actively search for positions that align with their skills and preferences, screen potential opportunities, and schedule interviews on their behalf. This allows them to focus on other important aspects of their life while the business handles the legwork.

Confidentiality and Privacy: In certain situations, job seekers may prefer to keep their job search discreet, especially if they are currently employed. Recruitment businesses can maintain a high level of confidentiality, ensuring that their job search remains private. They act as a buffer, protecting personal information and sharing it only with potential employers who match their criteria. This allows them to explore opportunities without jeopardizing their current employment.

Salary negotiations: On the whole, we don’t like talking about money, but it is a really important consideration and often the deal-breaker in a job search. Job seekers will therefore actively seek to work through a recruitment business who can carry out these negotiations on their behalf.

Relocation Assistance: If a job seeker is moving to a new part of the UK or from outside of the UK they may need help in finding accommodation, or learning to adjust to life in a new location. Reputable recruitment businesses will take their time to provide this knowledge and support; which can be invaluable, particularly to younger professionals.

So there will be some exceptional candidates who will always chose to job search via a recruitment business, rather than applying directly, regardless of how good your advert is. Next month we’ll discuss how to chose the right recruitment business to engage with!

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